[ODE] Re: How to Avoid Walls when using 4 spheres and box for aCar

kurimail kurimail at arrakis.es
Fri Sep 16 16:28:18 MST 2005

Sean, really thanks for your answer, but i use a trimesh that represents
all the track, including road, buildings, walls, etc...

So how can i separate walls triangles from road triangles???

>> @Sean:
>> "Give your car two objects for representing the wheel. A sphere that
>> collides with the road surface, and a box, that doesn't rotate, for
>> colliding with the walls. Ignore collisions between the sphere and the
>> box, ignore collisions between the sphere and the wall, and ignore
>> collisions between the box and the road surface."
>>  - What do u need the box for, then? lol
> The box is closer to the actual size of the wheel thus allowing more
> realistic collision with the wall.  If you don't care about that then just
> set the friction to zero to prevent climbing for sphere/wall collisions.
> You may want to also apply a force against the direction of travel at this
> time to slow the vehicle down and give the appearance of friction.
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