[ODE] Re: How to Avoid Walls when using 4 spheres and box for a Car

Sean S Cullen Sean at blackscreen.org
Fri Sep 16 08:39:32 MST 2005

> @Sean:
> "Give your car two objects for representing the wheel. A sphere that
> collides with the road surface, and a box, that doesn't rotate, for
> colliding with the walls. Ignore collisions between the sphere and the
> box, ignore collisions between the sphere and the wall, and ignore
> collisions between the box and the road surface."
>  - What do u need the box for, then? lol

The box is closer to the actual size of the wheel thus allowing more
realistic collision with the wall.  If you don't care about that then just
set the friction to zero to prevent climbing for sphere/wall collisions. 
You may want to also apply a force against the direction of travel at this
time to slow the vehicle down and give the appearance of friction.

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