[ODE] weird slider behaviour (solved)

Geoff Carlton gcarlton at iinet.net.au
Wed Sep 14 08:26:06 MST 2005

Jaroslav Sinecky wrote:

>Did this really solve your problem? Strange that noone had the same problem
>with sliders before (though not impossible).
One explanation may be that sliders don't seem to be widely used.   I 
have used sliders before and found them to be jittery, and lacking the 
smooth suspension behaviour compared to hinge2.  While these don't seem 
to be hallmarks of a torque bug, when it comes to vehicles you aren't 
going to see the vehicle necessarily flip over if the correcting torque 
was off.  In my case, I made up a new slider2 type with a different 
implementation because I was so unsatisfied with the original slider.

So I'd say its definitely possible there is a bug in there somewhere.


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