[ODE] making a movie

Manohar B.S sciphilog at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 8 09:40:12 MST 2005

Making Movie,
              Recording simulation output into a video
is trivial only when you have a powerful pc. Any third
party recording tool you use (like fraps) on the same
PC which is running the simulation will
_significantly_  alter the performance of the
similation (like frame rate etc). This is something
you dont what I guess.

Here's what I do:

 You need two PCs, one on which your simulation is
running and the other (with a video grabber card) for
recording. You must also have S-Video out in your
simulation PC. Connect the S-video out to the S-video
in of the second PC and record. The performace is very
good -> 640x480 25fps, you need a resonably good
grabber card. Later compress the way you want.


-- Manohar B. Srikanth

> Easiest is probably to download something like
> Fraps.
> You probably will get even better answers in a forum
> dedicated to, say, 
> graphics, or making movies, rather than a forum
> dedicated to physics :-)
> Cheers,
> 			/ h+
> Esra Suel wrote:
> > How do I make a movie in avi or mpeg or in any
> other format
> > out of the graphical simulation output of ODE.
> > 
> > Thanks
> > Esra
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