[ODE] Newbee: BodyID -> Body

Roel van Dijk roelvandijk at home.nl
Tue Sep 6 14:30:36 MST 2005

Well, a dBodyID is simply a pointer to a dxBody struct. So dereferencing a 
dBodyID would give you a dxBody struct.

That said, why would you want to work with a dxBody struct directly? There are 
functions that take a dBodyID as an argument for all imaginable things you 
can do with a body. And using a dxBody directly has the potential to break 
things in future updates of ODE because someone could decide to change 
something in the inner workings of a body. The ODE API functions protect you 
from such changes.

On Tuesday 06 September 2005 09:06, Simon Adler wrote:
> Sorry,
> If got an "too easy" Question. I need a Function to get a body from an
> BodyID. I saw that some days ago and searched for that but I didn't found
> it.
> How is the Name of this Func?
> Sorry again and thanks for the hint!
> Simon

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