[ODE] spring and damping surface constants

Tanguy Fautre tanguy.fautre at spaceapplications.com
Fri Sep 2 17:49:46 MST 2005

Manohar B.S wrote:
> How are you coupling the forces from the sphere to the
> haptic device. Sphere in your case is the haptic proxy
> (HIP). What's the haptic device that you are using?

We haven't connected the haptic device to the simulation yet. The ULB 
(Free University of Brussels) has been experimenting with various motors 
and control loops in order to develop the haptic device. The next step 
will be to connect these to ODE.

The final haptic device does not exist yet.

I was also wondering what haptic device you used with your rope simulation.

So far, the only haptic device I've been able to play with is a Phantom 
(but it is not used for this project).



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