subversion? (was: [ODE] From unstable to trunk...)

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Thu Jun 30 14:54:07 MST 2005

(I'm not currently active in ODE and don't know Subversion, but ...)

couldn't you just keep the existing ODE archived in Sourceforge, and 
continue with a new Subversion project?  So the past history would still be 
available if needed via SF.

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Subject: subversion? (was: [ODE] From unstable to trunk...)

> Jon Watte (ODE) wrote:
>> Is it time to change to something like Perforce or Subversion, which 
>> tracks specific related change sets? It's much easier to integrate "this 
>> particular patch" with those tools.
> I would welcome Subversion, it's a pleasure to use.  It's a
> royal pain to isolate multi-file changes in CVS after-the-fact.
>> is a hosting site that lets you host on Subversion for free, 
>> btw. (I don't know where SourceForge is at WRT Subversion project 
>> hosting)
> SF have been muttering about Subversion for a year or so, but
> they're incredibly slow to address any sort of user needs, IMO...
> is likely very trustworthy, but I'd be interested in
> more opinions from ODEy people about a move to SVN.
> might not support the (hooks for the) sorts of tree policies we
> have regarding different auth groups for trunk versus the unstable
> branch, etc.  There's also a question of whether we can convert
> our valuable CVS history to SVN (the conversion isn't hard, but
> the CVS permissions needed to do this might not be obtainable
> from SF - dunno).
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