[ODE] questions from a newbie

Fabio De Felice defelice at ba.issia.cnr.it
Wed Jun 29 16:34:48 MST 2005

I have installed ODE on Windows2000. All works fine.
The docs is not very complete so I have some questions:
I need to create a spring and dumper system between two objects, one 
dynamic and one static, that comes in action when they collides each 
other. Furthermore I need to solve the dynamic of the moving object in 
order to define the right position, orientation.
The main loop is up an external engine, so I want to use ODE as a black 
box: every frame I want to compute the spring force of the previous 
frame, solve the state of dynamic object of the current frame and then 
compute the spring force again but with the newly computed object state.
How can I do that?

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