[ODE] Car Braking Problem

KuRi kurimail at arrakis.es
Tue Jun 28 12:03:31 MST 2005

Thanks for your answers. It looks (like you say) like a contact problem,
because with no contacts the problem dissapear. But i don't understand why
the error depends on the Y Angle of the car. Perhaps it is a round problem.
Can someone post one example with code of setting the fdir1 to the rolling
tyre direction, etc...? I have tried that with no results...

Thanks again. KuRiX

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> > When i brake (dBodyAddTorque), the car turns to the right or to the
> > left
> > depending on the Y Axis Angle.
> Perhaps this is a product of ODE's friction model, which is simplified
> in ways that make it anisotropic.  You can address this somewhat by
> cleverly setting the contact's friction direction, rather than letting
> ODE pick it arbitrarily.  When you generate each contact joint between
> a wheel and the ground, set the fdir1 field of the dContact structure to
> be a unit vector that is in the direction of horizontal motion of the
> wheel geom, and set the dContactFDir1 bit in the contact flags.
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