[ODE] Car Braking Problem

Tobias Schlegel tobias.schlegel at visual-imagination.de
Mon Jun 27 22:18:10 MST 2005


Take a look at paragraph 7.3.7. in the ode documentation.

It states:

"To model this in ODE set the tire-road contact parameters
as follows: set friction direction 1 in the direction that
the tire is rolling in, and set the FDS slip coefficient in
friction direction 2 to k*v, where v is the tire rolling
velocity and k is a tire parameter that you can chose based
on experimentation."

This should solve the problem.


k> Hello Friends!. I am having a "little" problem with my ODE car simulator.
k> I use a box for the chassis and 4 wheels (sphere geoms) with hinge2. All
k> the simulation is running very well, but i have noticed a strange
k> behaviour.

k> When i brake (dBodyAddTorque), the car turns to the right or to the left
k> depending on the Y Axis Angle.

k> For example, if the Y angle of the car is between 0 and 90 and i brake,
k> the car turns right, but if the angle is between -90 and 0 the car turns
k> left.

k> All the params are exactly simmetric. The problem is only noticeable if i
k> brake applying a very big force. The car must be perfectly simmetric
k> because when running at high speeds is keeps straight forward.

k> Has anyone notice this problem too?
k> Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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