Tyler Streeter tylerstreeter at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 13:08:42 MST 2005

> Is anyone using OPCODE+ODE on exotic (that is, almost
> anything except x86 :)) architectures?

> Is OPCODE+ODE happy on PPC-based Macs?  Anything else?

(Using ODE 0.5...)  I've used ODE just a little on Mips using IRIX and
PPC Macs.  Seems to work fine on the Mac, though I haven't tested
trimeshes on it.

On the IRIX machine I have several problems...

Whenever I try to compile, I get the following errors:

ode/src/odemath.o ode/src/odemath.cpp
cc-1020 CC: ERROR File = ode/src/odemath.cpp, Line = 54
  The identifier "_copysign" is undefined.

        a[1] = dCopySign(l,a1);

cc-1020 CC: ERROR File = ode/src/odemath.cpp, Line = 66
  The identifier "_copysign" is undefined.

        a[2] = dCopySign(l,a2);

cc-1020 CC: ERROR File = ode/src/odemath.cpp, Line = 79
  The identifier "_copysign" is undefined.

        a[0] = dCopySign(l,a0);

3 errors detected in the compilation of "ode/src/odemath.cpp".

I can resolve this by removing the line "#define copysign _copysign"
from config.h, then running make again without cleaning.

Then the build continues for a while until I get this message:

Signal: Segmentation fault in Scope Setup phase.
Error: Signal Segmentation fault in phase Scope Setup -- processing aborted
CC ERROR:  /usr/lib32/cmplrs/fecc died due to signal 4
CC ERROR:  core dumped
gmake: *** [OPCODE/OPC_AABBTree.o] Error 32

... which is the MipsPro compiler (version crashing. 
Supposedly versions earlier than 7.4 show this error at times.  Weird.
 But probably not ODE/OPCODE's problem.  I can avoid this by disabling
trimesh support, which is kind of sad since I'd like to use trimeshes
in my IRIX apps.

Even without trimesh support I have runtime problems on Mips/IRIX.  My
apps crash at weird times with a segmentation fault, sometimes with an
IRIX message box saying the stack limit has been exceeded.  It seems
like the problem usually occurs when a lot of things are colliding,
indicating that maybe a lot of constraints causes the problem.  I
don't see this problem in Linux (FC3) or Win32 with the same app.

That's about all the info I have.


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