[ODE] Box Penetration

Jochen Stier jstier at cs.uvic.ca
Thu Jun 23 10:56:32 MST 2005

Hi everyone. I keep hearing about the problem with trimesh penetrations.. If
I recall correctly I
fixed that by adjusting the ERP values of the world, trimesh and box. Try
0.002 for all of them
and keep CFM at 0.0. I don't remember if those are the correct values, but
if you keep playing
with them you will fix the problem.

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Subject: [ODE] Box Penetration

> I am trying to simulate a couple of boxes squeezed between two Plates
> (bigger boxes). The problem I have is that, some boxes penetrate the
> and even come from the other side. I was hoping they will prevent the
> from coming together but some particles pass through. I have increased
> number of contact points, but did not see much improvement. I also
> the time step and used dworldstep of 0.02, but still particle passes. I am
> trying changing mass of plates now.
> Can any one tell me how to prevent penetration. I stuck and would really
> appreciate the  help
> Thanks
> P.s.
> This penetration is more obvious if the corner is the contact point.
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