[ODE] Use of ODE in commercial products

Jose Marin jose_marin2 at yahoo.com.br
Wed Jun 22 08:49:52 MST 2005


I plan to use ODE on a comercial game, but I've seen
that very few commercial games actualy use ODE whitout

I allways thought that ODE was an out-of-the box
physics solution, but looks like it's not true...

Look, it's no problem to do a little work, but I don't
have the budget to hire a physics programmer to tune
ODE to work well on my game!

What I would like it's that if you could share your
experience with us when you integrate ODE on your
commercial game.

I know that masny times, due NDAs, it's not possible
comment that, but if you can, I aprecciate that!

ODE it's a great thing, only must be well used to work

Best regards!


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