[ODE] Trimesh-trimesh and dGeomTriMeshDataSet

Patrick Enoch Hendrix_ at gmx.net
Tue Jun 21 20:20:42 MST 2005

boxes that land exactly edge to egde on a triangle, will penetrate it  

let A be a (long) edge of a triangle, let B be a perpendicular edge  
of the cube falling on it.

if B hits directly on A, the cube will tilt a bit (keeping B touching  
A) penetrating the triangle.
probably, the egde-touching is due to correct collision-handling with  
adjacent triangle (along A).

in contrast: let cube fall on big triangle (cube is "enclosed" in  
triangle). no penetration will occur.
or: let cube fall "across" egde A. no problems here either.

the bad case above will cause apparently "resting" cubes, suddenly  
bounce off (when by accident
correct handling is done and cube is pushed out of the triangle).

if you have a "coarse" mesh (relative to the cubes) then the chance  
of hitting an edge is low. however, i work with
small triangles and hitting such an edge happens quite often...


On 21. Jun 2005, at 17:54 Uhr, Peter Kyme wrote:

> Patrick Enoch wrote:
>> Hello,
>> mesh-mesh collision is a mess. maybe you can start fixing the box-  
>> mesh collider... I am currently trying to figure out how it
>> works.
> I haven't had any problems with box-mesh collision. What problems  
> are you seeing?
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