Darío Mariani mariani.dario at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 14:05:52 MST 2005

  I have some thoughts on how to make progress with ODE. It seems that
the main developers don't want to break the code and don't have the
time to check the patches, so I'm thinking on opening a parallel
project starting with the current UNSTABLE branch as a starting point.
  My plan is to have a less restrictive policy on CVS commits and use
it as a testbed for all patches that are floating around. I think that
this project would not be suitable for newcomers, and will be more
suitable for hardcore developers until the code is rejoined with ODE
or it departs too much from ODE and emerges as a new physics engine.
  I'm thinking of three policies for commits:

1) Apply them blindly as they arrive.
2) Apply a patch and wait for a week until applying the next one, to
give some time for anyone who wants to test it.
3) Allow full access to the CVS tree to anyone that has something to add.

  So, is anyone interested in this? Aside from SourceForge, does
anyone know another site for hosting (parts of) the project? For
instance some site that provides a pre-built wiki, forum or mailing


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