[ODE] The CCylinder+Box solution

Jose Marin jose_marin2 at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jun 10 11:35:49 MST 2005


Yesterday I've tested the CCylinder+Box solution to
the ODE's lack of a flat Cylinder.

I folow the recipe 

Cylider(radius, height) = 
   CCylinder(radius, height - 2*radius) + 
   Box(1.2 * radius, 1.2 * radius, height)

Well, some good and weird results!

The Cylinder stands well, but rolls weird!

Has somenone achieved a 'good' simulation of a flat
ended Cylinder?

I've tryed the dCylinder contrib, but I think there
are some bugs yet on it...

And I need a plane/cylinder collider, neither
dCylinder nor dCylinder2 has...

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