[ODE] High speed rigid body collisions

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Wed Jun 1 13:37:36 MST 2005

No, I was not talking about Havok. Havok is not a continuous-time 
physics system. The work of Stephen Redon is continuous-time, as is some 
internal engine work hinted at by some of the participants on various 
game development mailing lists I read.

Havok is mostly discrete, time-stepped, much like ODE. They do, however, 
have a very robust set of collision/contact primitives -- better 
supported than ODE. I guess that's why they charge what they do for a 
source license...


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Vast wrote:
> You are talking about havok, correct?
> Is there any way you could describe that system? Does it just run in a 
> separate thread, and moves the object under question a really small 
> distance, for the distance intended by speed, and checks collision 
> throughout that time?
> I am sure that's a slow hack that can do the job... its just that 
> collision detection has to be checked a lot, which might be slow =(
> What are your opions on that?
> Also, just a quick question, when you license havok, do you get the full 
> source, or just an SDK??
> Regards,
> Tim
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