[ODE] Patch for eliminating penetration bounce mega-force?

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> I think, at the larger level, the problem is that there are three kinds of 
> people on this list:
> 1) game programming newbies, who are learning about programming in 
> general, and physics in particular
> 2) students/researchers/etc who are building simulations for a 
> time-limited project (i e, a semester)
> 3) professional programmers who are either really busy on their project, 
> or who use ODE only for temporary purposes
I think I am probably none of the above, or maybe partly 1:
I regard myself as being a fairly experienced programmer, err, hobbyist 
experience for the majority of my life (since elementary school effectively, 
I am now 21).

however, yes, my physics knowlege is limited, and my ability to write 
physics engines at present can't match what allready exists. my motivation 
is not as much an interest in the subject or motivation to actually use such 
an engine as it is lacking much better to do sometimes...

> None of these users are traditionally likely to be successful in 
> shepherding an OpenSource project through revisions. You need someone with 
> actual skills AND actual time (on a long-term basis) to fulfill that role. 
> Neither Russ nor Adam seem to quite fit the bill.
yes, and probably someone who is willing to work on existing source, and can 
manage to cooperate with others.

> I think ODE could be great, if we had some firebrand soul with the 
> appropriate skills and time to take on that task. But we don't, so we're 
> all just adrift in the void...
I agree here, ode could be quite cool, err, if presented with a situation 
like with rendering anymore, namely: little other choice besides one of a 
few select libraries (eg, either because: some sort of special hardware has 
come about, or the whole subject matter has reached a level of complexity 
that individual efforts are no longer practical).

things could be much worse after all...

now, I have been in kind of a stall that has lasted at least 6 months. 
namely I have lost nearly all focus and direction, and am seemingly just 
writing/working on stuff randomly...

somehow I feel like someone is probably going to come up and call me a 
newbie though...

of course, working on ode does not feel all that compelling to me at 

or something...

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