[ODE] High speed rigid body collisions

Zulfiqar Malik Zulfiqar.Malik at itrango.com
Wed Jun 1 14:52:01 MST 2005

I think that the ray casting approach would fail in a lot of cases
especially when you have a scenario when the ball is slightly large
(consider football or basketball) and the wall is finite such that the
ball can collide with the edges of the wall. In that case your ray will
miss the wall (most of the time, if not always) and your ball will again
tunnel through the wall! I don't exactly whether such an effect would be
feasible for you or not (e.g. it might be feasible for a wall knocking
sort of tennis game), but in majority of game/simulation environments,
this would be pretty common and would cause undesired results especially
if you have a large sphere with finite flat objects all around. 

What you can do is to write your own tri-mesh collision routine. It's
pretty easy and there are plenty of tutorials online, especially for
spherical/elliptical objects.

Zulfiqar Inayat Malik.

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