[ODE] High speed rigid body collisions

Manu Beau barchange at yahoo.fr
Wed Jun 1 10:28:08 MST 2005

Hi everybody,

recently i had a collision issue when i used rigid
bodies with a high linear velocity. My simulation is
quite simple : i have got a ball (5 cm radius) which
can have a high linear velocity (200km/h - 240km/h)
and i want that this ball collide on a wall (50 cm
depth) ... like a tennis player who plays against a

My issue is the following one : since the ball has a
high velocity, at frame 't' it is in front of the wall
and at frame 't + 1' the ball is behind the wall ...
thus no collision is detected.

To detect collisions i use the standard NearCallBack
function. My problem must come from this collision
function because it is based on geoms positions at a
given time 't' and not on bodys' moves.

My solution is to use ray cast at each frame to detect
  RB moves collisions and if i find a collision, i
place my RB (the ball) at this position and i let
NearCallBack do its work :). However, i don't know if
this is the best solution.

I looked at ODE threads and i found nothing about
that. I think someone already has this problem. If
anybody have some piece of code or a cleaner solution,
it would be very helpful.



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