[ODE] ODE used in nesnausk's 3D demo

Mohsin Hasan mohsin.hasan at trivor.com
Wed Jun 1 11:38:15 MST 2005

I haven't downloaded the demo yet but I am already drooling over the
screenshots of your demo.... Looks really nice.


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Hi all,

Just a small announcement: I've used ODE for collision/physics in our
latest realtime 3D demo. The demo webpages is here:
http://www.nesnausk.org/inoutside , direct link to
downloads/screenshots here: http://www.nesnausk.org/inoutside/Demo.php

What was used: sweep-and-prune collision space, heavy tweaking to
auto-disable and solver parameters and huge hacks to speed up the most
intense parts. Overall, ODE worked rock solid!

Aras 'NeARAZ' Pranckevicius
http://nesnausk.org/nearaz | http://nearaz.blogspot.com

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