[ODE] Trimesh collision (Terrain)

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue Aug 23 20:04:41 MST 2005

ODE does not copy the data. You cannot delete/free the data you pass to 
the ODE triangle mesh, as long as that mesh is alive.

If you're not freeing it, and it still goes bad, then set a data 
breakpoint at something that goes bad, and the debugger will show you 
who writes there.


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matt stephure wrote:
> Sorry for the spam...
> I've recoded my terrain generation loop to be about 5 lines. Much
> simpler. I've gone through the vertices and indices with pencil and
> paper and they all look right.
> The problem I'm having now, is that the vertices seem to get all
> messed up when I pass it into ODE.
> Just before the dGeomTriMeshBuildSimple they're just fine. The
> original data used to create the array remains fine, I'm printing it
> out at every time step. But the vertex data I'm getting from
> dGeomTriMeshGetTriangle is mostly wrong. Each value (x,y,z) is either
> 0, or 1265.15 -- instead of something in the rate {-2,2}. Seems to be
> that I'm having a pointer error. Could anything else be wrong?
> The format of the vertex data is
> for (build_vertices)
> {
>     GLfloat * pos;
>      pos = new GLfloat[3];
>      pos[0] = value_x;
>      pos[1] = value_y;
>      pos[2] = value_z;
>      terrainVertices[vertex_count] = pos;
>      vertex_count++;
> }
> Appreciate the help! :) Sorry again for the spam.
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