[ODE] test program problems

Martijn Buijs buijs512 at planet.nl
Mon Aug 22 20:46:15 MST 2005


I'm new to ODE. I am planning to use ODE in one of my projects, however I'm having a bit of trouble
getting things to work.

First, all of the test programs are running to fast on my machine (Windows XP), aren't the demos
supposed to be framerate independent? As workaround I have enabled v-sync so things look better, but 
there are other (mayor) problems still;

Many of the provided pre-compiled demo programs crash, or don't work properly on any of my machines. 
I've re-compiled all of the test apps of most releases but they all exhibit the same problems, 
though all user programs (those linked on the ODE site) I tried work flawlessly.

Am I doing something wrong?

Anyway, here are some descriptions of the problems:


test_boxstack.exe - Runs fine.

test_buggy.exe - No problems.

test_chain1.exe - No problems.

test_chain2.exe - No problems besides occasionally intersecting boxes.

test_collision.exe - Instantly displays an error message titled "ODE INTERNAL ERROR 0" and the
message reads "bad". Clicking "OK" closes the app and console window. The console displays a single
line "testing batch 1 (1000 reps)..."
The DLL release spits out an additional "abnormal program termination" MSVC++ warning.

test_crash.exe - No problems.

test_friction.exe - No probs.

test_hinge.exe - No probs.

test_I.exe - Console reports 2 errors about every second (when v-sync enabled, otherwise console
floods even more quickly):

	w-error = 2.3304e-004 (0.45,-0.19,0.65) and (0.32, 0.54, -0.45)
	q-error = 4.3434e-005

These numbers/coordinates vary with each message, but note that the errors are always reported in
pairs (always a 'q' and 'w' error). The viewport window is visible, the cubes spin for a second, 
then snap to a different, seemingly random, position (however, the yellow cubes do stay in relation 
to the white object until it snaps).

test_joints.exe - Some test pass, some fail. The error "error not computed" occurs a few times and
the test number jumps from 3 to 200 (not sure its supposed to). At some point the app exits.

test_moving_trimesh.exe - When a single spawned bunny drops it intersects with the static two, and
will jitter. Newly spawned bunnies do the same, but there's no trouble with any spawned primitives.
Performance does drops considerably with only a few (4-5) bunnies and at some point the app crashes
(generic Windows crash report warning).

test_ode.exe - Console shows, most tests pass, some fail. Then a messagebox is show titled "ODE 
INTERNAL ERROR 0" with the message "A*x = b+w, maximum difference = 1.525879e-005" (the number is 
always the same). The last line on the console reads "dTestSolveLCP". Clicking "OK" closes the app.
The DLL version also reports an "abnormal program termination" warning.

test_slider.exe - When v-sync is on the yellow box slides all the way towards the 'ends' of the blue
box, when v-sync is off it slides a considerably shorter distance (nowhere near the ends of the blue
box). No other probs.

test_space.exe - The boxes appear/disappear at a different location seemingly every frame, even with
v-sync enabled. Can't pause the simulation from the menu.

test_space_stress.exe - Not unexpectedly, it takes a while to load and runs slow. Spheres don't move
at all (should they?). Seems to run fine otherwise.

test_step.exe - Same as with test_space.exe, but can be paused.

test_trimesh.exe - Seems to run ok, when ~30 objects (any of the primitives) are dropped they
roll down as expected, but the performance suddenly drops considerably and the app crashes without
warning, before or shortly before the objects settle.


All in all, pretty serious I'd say.

I was hoping to play around with the code of these test programs to get more familiar with ODE, but 
obviously, they have to work in order for me to learn from them. :-)


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