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Aras Pranckevicius nearaz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 14:01:14 MST 2005

> >Returning to the topic: for the near future, I think the most you can
> >get out of multicore stuff is to run big clearly separate things on
> >the different cores (i.e. one for physics, one for rendering, etc.).
> >Trying to schedule&manage lots of small tasks (like OpenMP would do)
> >probably won't help much.
> Sure you can do multithreaded physics.
> Like someone mentioned earlier: islands of objects are
> independent problems.

Sure you can do it. The question whether it's really worth it... In
practice, you often have lots of other things that want CPU (i.e. not
only physics). In the games context, that would be animations,
pathfinding/AI/whatever, rendering/visibility, sound etc.

Maybe it's better to drop all those large systems onto separate cores
than trying to distribute every system onto multiple cores? Of course,
Cell/PS3 is quite a different beast :)

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