[ODE] Ideas for threading ODE...

Alen Ladavac alenl-ml at croteam.com
Sun Aug 21 10:53:41 MST 2005

Actually, you can make OpenMP do explicite parallelization. E.g. by 
specifying that you want 2 threads and telling that a particular for loop 
needs to be parallelized, you will essentially make it do each iteration of 
the loop on the other thread (more or less...). But I have to agree I too 
prefer explicit threading over OpenMP. OpenMP is a wrapper after all.


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> Tyler Streeter wrote:
>>Can you explain this statement?  Why is it better to roll your own
>>using pthreads?  I would think OpenMP is better since it is simpler to
>>use and works on more platforms.
> I may be wrong, as I have not used OpenMP myself, but:
> I thought that OpenMP is implicit parallelisation?
> pthread is explicit.
> Thus: with OpenMP you have to *hope* that the compiler
> can find some concurrency in the sections that you mark.
> Maybe the compiler can parallellise, yet maybe it can't.
> With pthreads you explicitly decide what tasks to do
> concurrently.
> And as allways... even the smartest compilers are no match
> for a smart programmer.
> So with pthread you do more of the work yourself, but have
> better control on how threads are created/used, etc, wrt to
> OpenMP.
> But then again, I've only used pthreads myself, so I may be
> off here.
>  bram
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