[ODE] Not really ODE question, but how do I build ODE in release mode?

gl gl at ntlworld.com
Thu Aug 18 12:19:06 MST 2005

> Last I checked, the projects were pretty
> much broken, and it was easier to just run vcvars32.bat and run the
> make manually.

<gasp!> Sir, you slander my workspaces at your peril - pistols at dawn!  ; )

You made me check out and build ODE (something I haven't done in a long 
time) on VC6 - works absolutely fine.

As to the original poster, Project->Settings doesn't change the active build 
type, it merely lets you change configurations for them there.  Instead, 
either use the Build toolbar's drop-down menu (fastest), or use Build->Set 
Active Configuration.

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