[ODE] Cross-platform woes

Charlie Garrett charlie.garrett at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 20:09:59 MST 2005

Intel floating point units tend to keep extra bits of precision in  
their registers, with those bits being discarded when a value is  
written to memory.  Your compiler should have a setting for strict  
IEEE floating point compliance, so check that it is on for the PC.

I have both a Mac and a PC, but I have never tried running ODE on the  
PC.  If you continue to have problems, maybe I can look into it further.

Charlie Garrett

> 15 aug 2005 kl. 06.33 skrev Keith Johnston:
>> Having finally conquered repeatability on the PC from
>> one simulation run to the next, I am now trying to
>> make simulations on the PC and Mac run *identically*.
>> I have tried truncating the physical properties to 2
>> decimal places, but this has not solved the problem.
>> The same initial conditions on a simulation on the PC
>> and the Mac still diverge.
>> Perhaps the only solution is to give up on Visual C++
>> and use gcc on windows - that way at least I'd be
>> using the same compiler on both operating systems.
>> Currently we are using Xcode on the Mac and Visual
>> Studio on windows.
>> Has anyone ever gotten exactly the same simulation
>> results on both Mac and PC?  How did you do it?
>> Thanks,
>> Keith
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