[ODE] Compiled OPCODE + ODE: Colliders Array Not Initialized?

Steve Gores-Todd sgorestodd at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 17:22:29 MST 2005

Using the included VC6 projects I compiled OPCODE, ODE lib, and the
ODE dll from within VS7.  I was getting linker errors due to several
libs getting compiled into the libs and my projects. I had seen on the
mailing list that a way to fix this is to use the /NoDefaultLib build
option on ODE so that when my project built there would be no
problems. This did not work however, and I found another option in the
mailing list to change my project to MultiThreadedDll since that is
how the ODE projects are set. This allowed my project to build,
however when I run it I get the message "Colliders Array Not
Initialized (...collision_kernel.cpp:157)". I havn't changed any of my
code since I previously had it working with the pre-compiled dll
release from ode.org (Version 0.5 by the way.)  As a side note, the
reason I'm trying to compile it myself is that in all of the msvc
precompiled dll's, the function dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSingle1 is
actually missing from the dll. I have tried to manually get the proc
address and it just is not present. If anyone knows why this is, and
can point me to a precompiled version with this function intact, I
would gladly give up compiling this myself.

Also, even though I specify when building ODE to use the OPCODE.lib
file, it doesn't get compiled into the lib, so that when in order for
my project to correctly link everything together, I needed to add the
OPCODE.lib into my project.

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