[ODE] Change reference point of a Geom

Jaroslav Sinecky jsinecky at tiscali.cz
Wed Aug 10 11:38:49 MST 2005

If there is no body associated and you have no intention to associate any,
you don't need TransformGeom, just position your box in space using
GeomSetPostion(P), GeomSetRotation(R). These two make up local
transformation system for the box.
Is this what you are trying to do? This is all just about matrices, maybe
you will need to consult some transformation math resources about how to
create your transform. For example you can create rotation around arbitrary
axis as a concatenation of various basic transforms. I can't remember any
good online tutorial, maybe someone else does.

Good luck,

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> Hi,
> I create a Geom with dCreateBox. No body is associated with this geom.
> When I rotate the Geom, the rotation is made on the center of mass.
> How can I rotate on another point of the Geom?
> I think I have to use "Geometry Transform Class" but don't know
> how it works.
> Can someone help me please?
> Thanks
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