[ODE] ode on Tiger

Floris van Breugel fv28 at cornell.edu
Tue Aug 9 13:15:46 MST 2005


I have recently (finally) upgraded to tiger, but now have a small  

When I run codes compiled with the new gcc etc. compiler on tiger my  
visuals from ode are rather strange. Most things work, however, some  
of the boxes that I draw are not behaving normally (ie. moving around  
wildly and randomly). The only such boxes, however, are ones that do  
not correspond to actual bodies, but are simply drawn 'vectors' to  
help me visualize what's going on. As far as I can tell everything is  
behaving correctly physics-wise, just the visuals are off. Has anyone  
else experienced this? If so...is there a solution?

Thanks for any advice,

- Floris

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