John Donovan JohnD at MagentaSoftware.com
Thu Aug 4 14:21:23 MST 2005

> I think the digest had a glitch, or perhaps the mail server on my end
barfed, but I missed the 1st part of this discussion.

I've sent this directly to you as well as the list just in case.

> Is someone trying to write a C++ XML parser for XODE files?

That'd be me!

> I have a fairly complete one that I've written. 

I wish I'd known that a week ago!

> Doesn't handle ext 

Mine handles location and colour ext elements but only for bodies and
geoms respectively.

> or group elements

Mine seems to handle groups correctly.

>, but it seems to parse in the rest quite nicely.

Cool. I've just finished inplementing all the features, so I'm on to a
round of testing. Does anyone have any XODE files they'd be willing to
share so I can test this with real-world data?

> I will not be able to start on the writer bit for a few more weeks.

I plan on starting a writer as part of my Maya export plugin. I hope to
start on that very soon, but with some holidays coming up, I might leave
it until the end of August.

> Anyway, I'd be happy to share the code, etc.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours :) As I've said in a previous
post, mine is geared towards direct integration into the Open Scene
Graph (www.openscenegraph.org), and uses an OSG nodekit I've written for
that. When I'm happy with the featureset and stability I'll release the
code as open-source, just like the libraries it uses (ODE, OSG, and
But in the meantime, I'd be willing to send you my code for review, and
maybe we could collaborate on writing a full-featured, robust XODE
reader/writer. My home email address is: merseyNOSPAMdotNOSPEMviking at
gmailNOSPIMdotNOSPOMcom (Remove the NOSPAM and do the usual with the
dots and ats).


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