[ODE] XODE -- named spaces

Jon Williams jon at shovemedia.com
Wed Aug 3 10:22:22 MST 2005

I'm trying to block out some time to work with ODE again and
wanted to take advantage of all the fabulous work done on XODE.

To start, I'm creating collisions between multiple car objects.
(The cars defined via XML naturally) Seems like i ought to be
able to check for collisions between the cars' container spaces,
rather than the individual geoms. (I've used the chassis in the past)

The schema doesn't look like it supports name attributes on the
space node like it does on bodies and geoms. So, I'm
confused how i'd go about getting at the NativeAddr for the spaces
so i can compare them inside iterateContacts.

The examples that show this sort of logic don't use XODE, and the
XODE examples don't use iterateContacts.

This is probably *really* easy. Anyone got some sample code
they can point me towards?

(sorry if this is a cross-post -- wasn't sure how the mailinglist
meshed with the forums if at all)

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