[ODE] hello, help with ode(actually, without)

razors abra185 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 1 21:09:32 MST 2005

hello im new here and i will start working out with
ode soon, but theres another problem that i wish to
solve first. I need to code in a mod i work on a nice
pendulum system so the player can grab and it will
work like a hope but it will not bend, since the
engine im working is the quake 3 engine and its closed
source i cant use ode with it(YET!) so i was wondering
if anyone could help me with the codes for that, im
not a noob at physics neither programming, i was
thinking of writing some kind of fake physics, when
the movement starts i grab the maximum points, the
minimum and the normal points, grab the angle of the
movement using trig and "draw" the player
position(motion) trought a path or something like
that....can anyone assist me? thanks.

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