[ODE] Sweep-and-Prune space for ODE

Simon Barratt Barog at pineapple-interactive.com
Fri Nov 26 00:21:56 MST 2004

I'm not sure about OPCODE's radix sort speed wise but this link might be


It contains a "Radix sort for floating point" page which has some
optimisations based on OPCODE's radix sort and claims to get some good
speed boosts, it may be doing some floating point tricks which might
need #ifdef'ing to not scare some people away.

Hope that helps!

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On the subject, I did try several implementations of Radix Sort, and the
fastest one for integers was twice as fast as std::sort.  If I took that
implementation, and added Pierre's trick for handling signed floats,
maybe it would still beat std::sort after all...

- Graham
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