[ODE] Rare segmentation faults in dSolveLCP

Daniel Marbach daniel.marbach at epfl.ch
Wed Nov 17 23:55:29 MST 2004


For a long time now I have a bad problem: Sometimes, in some 'special'
situations, my simulations crash. The problem occurs in dSolveLCP, it's a
segmentation fault:

Error: Adam accessed memory at 0xbfee95f0 illegally.

My only guess is, that the stack size is too small in special cases. In mac osx
the stack size is limited, I added the following line to .cshrc:

limit stacksize unlimited

I am not an expert, is this correct? Is there a more elegant way to do this
(e.g. when compiling)? I found that ld has an argument -stack_size but the man
pages are not very clear...

It seems to me that the crashes are less frequent now (after changing .cshrc),
but this might just be coincidence. Do you agree that limited stack size could
be the reason for these segmentation faults? What other reasons could there be?

Most importantly: Is there a way to recover from a segmentation fault (SIGSEGV)?
I guess not...

Thanks for your help!

Daniel Marbach
Bitziusstr. 9
CH-3006 Bern

Tel: 031 351 11 09
WWW: http://icwww.epfl.ch/~marbach/

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