[ODE] Avatar control vs gravity

Tim Rightnour root at garbled.net
Tue Nov 16 11:35:08 MST 2004

I'm still working on moving avatars and NPCs around, and now I've run into an
interesting problem.

If I set a frictionless contact between the avatar and the ground, motion seems
to work very well. However, when the object begins to head downhill, gravity
kicks in, and the object starts sliding down the hill.  Conversely, when going
uphill, the object has trouble going any speed at all.

Is there an easy way around all this, or am I going to have to counteract
gravity at every step?  If I set a high friction contact, the gravity isn't a
problem, but I can't accelerate the NPC enough to make it usable.

Tim Rightnour <root at garbled.net>
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