[ODE] Any help with a helicopter simulator?

Adam Moravanszky adam.moravanszky at novodex.com
Tue Nov 16 15:36:21 MST 2004

OpenBirds?  Thats a bit of an unfortunate name, it reminds me of 
dissections in biology class.  ;-)


>Well, i'm currently writing a component based physics model for
>It's in early stage and not yet available anywhere. I have for 
>example built a simple plane with plates and sphere and it flies and 
>is controllable. 
>Here's a UML of my component model:
>Testing program with a glider:
>You could create a rotor component and use it with existing components
>to create a helicopter. I can send you the sources if you want but
>it'll be LGPL so i want any additions back.. 

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