[ODE] Jitters

Jon Watte hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Mon Nov 8 17:17:48 MST 2004

> It means my light objects all have infitesimally small masses because they got
> normalized against things like houses and churches.

Ah, I forgot that I'm also multiplying the stabilizing force by mass... 

I've found that really small masses (0.0001 say) is as bad as really big 
masses (10000, say). You really want them in the (0.01 - 100) range, or 
for maximum stability, (0.1 - 10).

For churches, it's un-clear whether you want them to have a body at all, 
or whether you just give them a geom and make the stationary, then apply 
custom logic if they get hit by big explosions.

For everything else, I've found that taking the actual real-world weight 
and calling sqrtf() on it makes for a good re-scaling towards 1, while 
keeping a reasonable weight difference. Possibly divide everything by 10 
if you have more cars and people than you have gallon jugs of water.


			/ h+

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