[ODE] bouncy car

Michael Rauh michael.rauh at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 12:42:45 MST 2004

Just a short note on the first 2 points.

> 1) the design of the ode library critically depends on OpenGL.
No, it doesn't depend on OpenGL at all.

>    in the case of libode, that would mean making setCamera, setColor,
>    setTransform, drawBox etc. all part of an "external" OpenGL-specific
>    library which libode would use.

Those are not part of ODE, but of the external, OpenGL-specific
drawstuff library
one can use with ODE :)

> 2) i was surprised to find that hinges do not have a means for
>    developers to apply forces or torques "via" the hinge.
Well, the Hinge-2 joint allows very easy spring/damping setup. Perhaps
you wanted to implement your own spring system because the Hinge-2
didn't seem to fit your needs at first glance, but I think you could
achieve that with this joint as well.


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