[ODE] Any BloodRayne 2 developers listening?

Tyler Streeter tylerstreeter at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 17:17:03 MST 2004

> We then wrote our own auto-disable that would disable an island of
> bodies, rather than one individual body.  This is subtle, but the
> effect was amazing.  Dead bodies, box stacks, etc. became totally
> stable with this.  In one test level, I had 20 boxes stacked one on
> top of another.  You could run into the stack, it would sway, then
> stop.  If you hit it hard enough, then it would fall over.

Has anyone else tried this method - disabling the whole island instead
of single bodies?  How well does it work for others?

Mark - do you have any more details on how you did this (e.g. how do
you decide when to put the island asleep)?


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