[ODE] dSolveLCP Function

Jeffrey Smith jeffreys at Softimage.com
Mon Nov 1 10:34:24 MST 2004

com97 wrote:
> Now, I analysis dSolveLCP function in ODE.
> But I don't know LCP's basic concept 

LCP stands for "linear complementary problem", is a type of problem
like this (if memory serves me):

  Given vector q and matrix M, find vectors a and b such that:
   a - Mb = q
   a'b = 0
   a >= 0
   b >= 0

It is used frequently in physical simulation to resolve contacts and
constraint forces.  There is a wealth of literature about these
problems and how to solve them, but for a beginner I would suggest
David Baraff's 1994 SIGGRAPH paper "Fast Contact Force Computation for
Nonpenetrating Rigid Bodies".  It's readable, with fairly well
explained math and has the advantage of being concerned with the LCP's
that arise from simulation of rigid bodies (like in ODE).


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