[ODE] compiled libs

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Sat Jan 31 21:27:55 MST 2004

I've uploaded my working copy of the current ODE distribution to
http://thegleam.com/ode39/ode39_win32.zip (approx. 5 megs).

This is a Win32 .DLL build that offers the following:

- All source files up to date with CVS.

- dCylinderClassUser integrated with library.  This is actually a later
version than what's in CVS, courtesy of an update sent to me by Konstantin
Slipchenko.  ode\test\test_boxstack.exe will let you "drop" flat-ended
cylinders with the lower-case L key.

- TriMesh support with OPCODE libraries pre-built

- TriMesh patch for CCylinder objects applied

- Fully debuggable with VC6 IDE (the debug makefile in CVS doesn't export
symbols properly)

- Config and header files updated to use __declspec(dllexport) and
__declspec(dllimport) properly.  This is a real mess in the current CVS
build.  The headers actually introduce extra uninitialized copies of global
variables such as dInfinity and dCylinderClassUser into applications that
link with the .DLL build, leading to weird (to say the least) bugs.

- No need to mess with .gz and .tar distribution files that aren't easily
accessible by Windows users

- Everything is precompiled, including (most of) the examples in ode/test.
Unzip and go!

Known issues with this build:

- Some of the dependency checks still seem iffy, so I'd recommend deleting
all *.obj and *.exe files before rebuilding the main library with
ode\src\m.bat and the test programs with ode\test\m.bat.

- Both debug and release builds are supported via the option in
config/user-settings, but only the msvc-dll platform is known to work "out
of the box" with this build.  I haven't tried the static msvc lib build.

- The buggy wheels in ode\test\test_buggy use the DrawStuff routines that
draw flat-ended cylinders, which I've modified in drawstuff.cpp to reflect
the default Y-axis alignment of the dCylinderClassUser add-on.
Consequently, the buggy demo will appear, well, buggy, but it works OK.

Hopefully this will help anyone who's been having trouble getting the
library to build under Win32.

-- jm

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> Subject: [ODE] compiled libs
> im trying to use the function:
> dGeomTriMeshDataCreate();
> when i compile my exe, i get an error saying it doesnt exist.
> I think i need the latest lib files, but for some reason what ever i try
> doesnt work.
> I found the old libs compiled somewhere online,
> If any one would be kind enough to send me the latest libs i
> would be very
> happy, it should fix this problem shouldnt it?
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