[ODE] dCylinder problems and future

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Tue Jan 27 19:44:41 MST 2004

The cylinder-vs-cylinder code does work, assuming you have the latest patch
with the dCylCyl call fix mentioned on the list earlier.  But it's not very
stable, because it can generate only one contact point, which isn't enough
for any type of circular-edge collision.  The contact point is also
occasionally subject to slight penetration (I'm not sure why).

I don't see any reason not to go ahead and add dcylinder.cpp to the main
library, as long as its limitations are mentioned prominently in the docs.

-- jm

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> Subject: [ODE] dCylinder problems and future
> I haven't yet had the opportunity to play with the dCylinder
> contribution, but I had two questions:
> 1) Is the recent work John Miles (and perhaps he can answer this best)
> sufficient to promote the dCylinder to official ODE primitive status
> (according to a search of the mailing list archives, it was the cylinder
> versus cylinder code that prevented it before)?
> 2) Does anyone have any clues on where I could get started on
> implementing flat cylinder versus trimesh collisions? It seems a shame
> that such a useful primitive would have support for collisions against
> everything but the necessary (at least in my case) trimesh. I would
> glady contribute it, if I ever manage to get it working. :)
> Pany
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