[ODE] Bug in collision_kernel.cpp

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Fri Jan 23 16:59:19 MST 2004

The two memcpy() statements at line 312 of collision_kernel.cpp:

	 memcpy (g->pos,g->body->pos,sizeof(g->pos));
	 memcpy (g->R,g->body->R,sizeof(g->R));

... should read:

	 memcpy (g->pos,g->body->pos,sizeof(pr->pos));
	 memcpy (g->R,g->body->R,sizeof(pr->R));

As the code works now, only the first four bytes of the body's position and
rotation data will be copied to the geom structure when you call
dGeomSetBody(dGeomID, 0).

-- jm

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