[ODE] trimesh questions

Vadim Macagon vadim_mcagon at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 19 09:44:48 MST 2004

> There is code that purports to allow double precision data, although I
don't know if it gets reduced to single somewhere at the bottom.
> Trimesh does not collide with trimesh, and it does not collide with
capsule (ccylinder). It does collide with box, sphere and ray.
> I believe the reason it doesn't collide with trimesh is that it's really
hard to get "penetration depth" information out of that situation.
> I believe it would be reasonably straightforward to add ccylinder testing,
but nobody's done it.

I've implemented ccylinder/trimesh, I think it has some limitations like
maybe generating only 1 contact point (haven't looked at it in a long
while). I was going to submit a patch earlier, then a few things got in the
way, I could make a patch now but at the moment I have no way of testing
whether it still works properly, so someone else would have to do that. If
anyone's interested in giving it a try I can send them the patch.



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