[ODE] Anonymous CVS access, and a few questions

Adam D. Moss adam at gimp.org
Sat Jan 17 19:40:08 MST 2004

Shamyl Zakariya wrote:
> Well, I've figured out some #defines to make ODE (0.39)+Opcode build on 
> OS X, with some specialness to handle the fact that Panther needs 
> slightly different handling of a few bits vs Jaguar -- having to do with 
> Panther having single-precision trig functions whereas Jag does not, and 
> we might as well use them.


> On a side note, once I do ( hopefully ) get the current code from CVS, 
> who should I give the handful of one-liners to, to get them integrated?

Post them to this mailing list (as patches).  Then they can get
community comment and testing and subsequently one of the maintainers
should pick them up and apply them.

> Secondly, I'd like to submit my XCode project files to contrib/, so 
> people can easily build a developer-friendly ODE framework for Mac. I'd 
> be happy to maintain it.

Unless this is going to require very regular updates, this
should probably be handled as above (but initially submitted as a
tarball or zip of the new files with a README).

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