[ODE] How I compile this sample?

Roel van Dijk roelvandijk at home.nl
Fri Jan 16 19:29:04 MST 2004

On Friday 16 January 2004 18:43, Alexandre Ribeiro de Sá wrote:
> How I compile the "test_trimesh.cpp" sample???
I assume you are using *nix.

type 'make ode-test'

Or from section 3 from the INSTALL file:

make configure          create configuration file include/ode/config.h
make ode-lib            build the core ODE library
make drawstuff-lib      build the OpenGL-based graphics library
make ode-test           build some ODE tests (they need drawstuff)
make drawstuff-test     build a test app for the drawstuff library

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