[ODE] Newbie Question

Konstantin Voloshin volk6 at mail.ru
Fri Jan 16 13:58:27 MST 2004

I tried creating capsule for FPS player's torso a rolling ball for
his legs. Torso was balanced with amotor, legs were connected
to torso with ball-socket+amotor. The idea was to use only
friction force to move the player. The results weren't good to me.
Using surface motion instead of rolling ball didn't make any difference.

Currently I decided to use simplest method - only one balanced
capsule, and direct force to move player. I still think of using friction
to stop player and keep it standing on a slope, but haven't tried
that yet.

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How about moving the main character,  should a force be applied to move
it, or is there another method

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On Friday 16 January 2004 06:36, Sohail Siddiqui wrote:
> Hi ppl,
> I have just started to read about OpenDE ... I would like to know if 
> OpenDE can automatically generate a simple sliding response like in 
> popular FPS games  ..
Just create a sphere or cylinder around your characters. Contact points
be generated when the sphere touches a wall and then it's up to you what
do with those contact points. In case your character is a rigid body you
make contacts without friction to simulate the sliding.

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