[ODE] integration with cal3d?

DjArcas djarcas at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 15 18:16:22 MST 2004

Ragdoll is PERFECT if you want to simulate someone who died instantly. Since
UT2003 had them, the rest of the world has gotten bored of them, in the same
way that physics coders got bored of ragdoll demos 5 years ago.

To get a good looking 'ragdoll', I would suggest trying something akin to
what MathEngine had. You have your animation playing. When a force above a
certain threshold happens to a part, that part is affected by physics - but
it's also exterting a force to try and get back to it's correct animation
place. So your shot-in-the-leg character will stumble, if the rest of your
IK chain can cope with it :)
That's the basis of what that amazing Endorphin does. How did they put it?
"breathe life into your characters - ragdoll is dead"

Just my 2c :)

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> ah, i know what you mean now :D.
> if you could only get j e t r o at
> http://jet.ro/dismount/
> to release his dismount game open source you'd be in
> business.
> i say we all send him email begging for the source
> code.
> john
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> I think the problem is that ragdoll physics does not
> "fake" very well.  Take, for example, running.
> Running works great in keyframes.  It's easy to make a
> running animation in 3dsmax using character studio
> (I've done it already) and it looks pretty realistic,
> even if the ground is not level.  Compare this to
> falling.  When you fall, you have to go from standing
> to prone on the floor.  This is very very very hard to
> "fake" using keyframe animations, especially if the
> ground is not level.  This is why I want the switch
> which will make the model stop using keyframes and
> switch over to a physics model.
> BTW I have 3dsmax and I think it is a great program =)
> Jason Gauci
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> FILETIME=[C18717C0:01C3D990] jason, sorry for taking
> so long to reply as i was on vacation in florida this
> weekend. "Well, I was thinking more along the lines of
> an on/off switch. So, you us!e cal3d and keyframes
> until some swithc gets set and then it "replaces" the
> cal3d model with an ode model and the body falls limp.
> " i've read this entire thread and am scratching my
> head a little bit. you want to have a human character
> running for example and then fall limp when hit in the
> "brain pan". the answer is simple: use whatever
> tecnique you were using to get the humanoid running
> realistically to fall limp realistically. you're
> assuming running is somehow different than falling
> limp. there is no difference between running or
> falling limp or skipping or whatever when i comes to
> physics. all these movements follow the same laws.
> your problem is how do you define these movements. the
> easiest way is buy character studio. many people on
> this list would like to build the equivalent of the
> max/character studio editor which after all has it's
> own physics engine built into it to allow you to make
> object move realistically. this is a noble effort, one
> would learn a lot. howev!er if you want to ship a game
> or build a demo for a job interview you won't have the
> time to take that route. you don't want to re-invent
> the wheel. 3dsMax is not cheap, bundled with character
> studio it's about $5,000. max out your credit card or
> get someone to lend you the money or better still if
> you're a student discreet will give a huge discout.
> summing up here, cal3d doesn't allow you to model
> human movement. it requires key frames to work. all
> the makers of cal3d did (of this i'm about %99
> certain) was use 3dstudioMax's Character Studio to
> make the movement look realistic. cald could be looked
> at as a way to import key frame information into a
> game but little more than that. good luck, john

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