[ODE] ode and sound effects

Konstantin Voloshin volk6 at mail.ru
Thu Jan 15 13:55:11 MST 2004

Why not? Only spheres cannot collide if they have only angular velocity
(because they are central-symmetrical), other geoms can.

You can sum dBodyGetPointVel for 2 bodies at the point of contact
instead of dBodyGetLinearVel, this will take into account both linear
and angular velocities of either body.

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A body can't have angular vel but no linear vel and then collide with
something static - it's not moving!

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> for example if the body has only angular vel and no linear vel.(it means
> is rotating) and collide with a static body, using only linear vel the
> result will be a null sound, so i wish to consider the angular vel.
> this is an extreme example but in a very realistic simulation these
> difference should be considered.

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